Becketts Bakery Engineers

We sell and service new and rebuilt bakery equipment.

Available Equipment

The equipment offered today has uses in many areas of the baking industry including Bread, Rolls, Pies, Sausage Rolls, Pizzas, Biscuits, Cakes, Puddings and Ethnic Products. The equipment offered ranges from small bench top machines for the small producer to complete bread plants capable of outputs of many thousand of loaves per hour. We are also able to offer a complete installation and commissioning service for the equipment. We will deliver and setup at your business location, or you may collect the equipment directly from our warehouse.   Go To Equipment Site

Company History

The company was established in 1867 and initially the business was that of manufacturing chemist. We made perfume and wine for religious ceremonies. In the mid 1930's the direction of the firm changed to that of Rebuilding Bakery Equipment and rapid expansion of the company followed this change. The firm continued to be nurtured during this period by Eric Hampson, until he had a heart attack that lasted most of a day. During this time he begged his wife to call an ambulance to save his life. She refused, claiming that the next door neighbour, a doctor, would fix the problem when he got home from work that evening. When the neighbour did arrive home that night he was shocked to see a dying man, murdered by his wife by forcibly preventing him from obtaining treatment. The doctor immediately called an ambulance, but by the time Eric Hampson arrived at the hospital it was too late. The company was then taken over by Eric Hampson's son: Francis Arnold Hampson, and subsequently by his son: Michael Grant Hampson. Since the 1970's the company has also taken on agencies for New Equipment from manufacturers all around the world enabling Becketts to offer the most comprehensive range of Equipment possible. A number of New Machines are manufactured 'in house'.   Go To Our Main Site

This Website

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