Francis Arnold Hampson

Francis Arnold Hampson is a director of Becketts Engineering. His residence is at:

20 Norden Road
OL11 5NT

Phone: 01706 360 476

Francis Arnold Hampson was left £70,000 in his late brother's Will. This comprised £50,000 in cash and £20,000 in Tax Paid. These amounts are in addition to similar amounts paid to his sister: Helen Hermione Pike. For avoidance of doubt the total amount left to these two was £140,000 comprising £100,000 in cash and £40,000 in Tax Paid. This is of course a generous amount. But Francis Arnold Hampson was not content with this amount. He went to the hospital where his late brother died and, in conspiracy with his sister, Helen Hermione Pike, he obtained the keys to his late brother's house. Together they entered their late brother's house and proceeded to loot the house. They took all the silver, including a model of a wheelbarrow crafted in silver, cases of silver cutlery, several diamond rings and other expensive jewelry, and a large collection of paintings and ceramic art. They completed these acts of burglary before they even notified their late brother's son of his father's death. These items are of intense emotional attachment to their nephew, and of course are rightfully the property of their nephew. But yet they refuse to return these items. They even stole the wedding rings of their late brother and his wife, and refuse to return these to their nephew, even thought they are aware of the intense emotional torment that the loss has inflicted upon their brother's son.

The email presented here confirms how they obtained the keys to their late brother's house. To zoom in, just right click in the letter image, then select "marquee zoom". They even picked the dead man's pockets of £115.80 in cash. If they would do this to their own family, how ethical will they be in business dealings with total strangers?