Helen Hermione Pike

Helen Hermione Pike is a liar and a thief. She has looted an estate that she swore to protect. She has stolen from her own family. She has lied to conceal her thefts. If you have been re-directed to this web site from St Margaret's Church, Burnage, Manchester, then you will recognize Helen Pike as a former Lay Reader at your church. What hypocrisy! She preaches to others that they should do good deeds in the name of Christ, while committing atrocities in her own life. To make sure there is no mistake as to which Helen Pike this web site is about, here is her address:

589 Kingsway
M19 1RA

Helen Pike was left £70,000 in her late brother's Will. This comprised £50,000 in cash and £20,000 in Tax Paid. This is of course a generous amount. But Helen Pike was not content with this amount. She went to the hospital where her late brother died and, in conspiracy with her brother, Francis Arnold Hampson, she obtained the keys to her late brother's house. Together they entered their late brother's house and proceeded to loot the house.
How dare you even think such a thing, much less say it out loud.
They took all the silver, including a model of a wheelbarrow crafted in silver, cases of silver cutlery, several diamond rings and other expensive jewelry, and a large collection of paintings and ceramic art. They completed these acts of burglary before they even notified their late brother's son of his father's death. These items are of intense emotional attachment to their nephew, and of course are rightfully the property of their nephew. But yet they refuse to return these items. They even stole the wedding rings of their late brother and his wife, and refuse to return these to their nephew, even thought they are aware of the intense emotional torment that the loss has inflicted upon their brother's son.

Helen Pike gave away the contents of her nephew's house to her family and friends. She invited her friends to tour the house and help themselves to anything they wanted. She then lied to conceal her thefts. Helen Pike
What would your father think if he knew you thought like that ?
is a pathological liar: She does not see anything wrong with lying, she lies gratuitously. When she is caught in a lie she acts indignant as if the person that has caught her lying is the bad guy, while Helen Pike is quite justified in lying. She uses manipulative language such as "What would your father think if he knew you thought like that" and "How dare you even think such a thing, much less say it out loud". She repeatedly tried to convince her nephew that he was wrong to doubt her, and by wrong she meant not just mistaken, but evil, ungrateful, a bad person for doubting her. Her techniques are precisely the same as those used by paedophiles to mess with the heads of their victims.

Another cowardly technique that Helen Hermione Pike used was to accuse others of stealing property that she herself had stolen. She stole a bookcase from her nephew's house, then repeatedly stated that it had been stolen by Durrants Auction Rooms.
Durrants must have taken your property.
When Durrants denied taking the bookcase, she insisted that they were lying. Helen Pike made up elaborate stories to support her original lies. She claimed that the bookcase had been damaged by damp conditions, and had rotted. This lie was disproved because there was no damp in the parquet floor or baseboard in the location where the bookcase had stood. Also, books that were taken from the bookcase were in pristine condition. Also, the structure of the bookcase was such that the upper and lower halves were separable and usable independently. Thus even if the bottom half had been damaged from standing on a damp floor (which it was not), the upper half would have been unaffected.

Helen Hermione Pike was named as an executor in her late brother's Will. Her nephew was also named as an executor. After her brother's death Helen Pike committed perjury to obtain a Grant of Probate that excluded her nephew; this enabled her to loot her late brother's
It has to be done right.
estate in blatant defiance of her deceased brother's wishes. Helen Pike invited her family and friends to tour her late brother's home and help themselves to any property they wanted. But she was not satisfied with looting the estate of valuable items; she also deliberately and willfully destroyed precious and irreplaceable family momentos. Even her nephew's photographs of his parents, and his childhood, were deliberately destroyed. Helen Pike, in collaboration with her family and friends, embarked on a campaign of taunting their nephew: They would delight in telling him how his most cherished possessions had been taken to a local landfill, all that he had of his late mother and father destroyed and placed in a garbage dump. And then to add insult to injury, Helen Pike abused her position as an executor of the estate to use
Trust me!
the financial assets of the estate to pay for these atrocities, to hire local waste removal firms to destroy these precious items. Her nephew was the residual beneficiary of the estate: Any money not consumed by Helen Pike would go to her nephew. Thus she forced her nephew to pay the financial costs of the destruction of everything that mattered to him in this world. Whenever her nephew would beg her to leave his property alone, and to stay away from his family home, she would reply with phrases such as: "It has to be done right", and "trust me". She would fake indignation at any suggestion that she should not be trusted, while employing local thugs to physically assault her nephew in his own home with a large German Shepard Dog.

One example that illustrates Helen Pike's Pathological Lying is the case of the Bang & Olufsen colour TV set: This was bought by her deceased brother, and was in his home at the time of his death.
I have no idea what happened to your TV set.
The deceased was very proud of his TV set; it was one of the few luxuries that he allowed himself in an otherwise frugal life. Helen Pike gave this TV set away to a local thug, Brian Allan, in payment for his help in looting her deceased brother's home. When her nephew asked her what had happened to this TV set, she initially said that she had no knowledge of it's existence, and certainly no knowledge of what had happened to it. Later she changed her story claiming that it had been taken by Durrants Auction Rooms. She even wrote a letter, that she was clearly told would be used as evidence in a court of law, in which she told the same story. For avoidance of doubt: Helen Pike deliberately and willfully made a false written statement with the full knowledge that it was intended to be used as evidence. This is contempt of court and perjury. She thinks nothing of lying to the court to conceal her thefts. Indeed, when she was caught in this lie she had the audacity to say that she was "less than forthcoming". She said that her lying was justified because if she had told her nephew the truth that she had stolen his his TV set and given it to her friends, then her nephew would have demanded the return of his TV set.

Let's analyze her weasel words: She told a deliberate outright lie to her nephew to conceal her thefts. She well knew that she had no lawful or ethical right to steal from the estate; if she believed that her actions were righteous then she would not have lied to conceal her actions. Her lies are clear evidence of dishonesty in the taking of this property.

The Letter is presented here for you to see for yourself. To zoom in, just right click in the letter image, then select "marquee zoom".

Now let's listen to another phone conversation with Helen Hermione Pike. In this conversation, just a few days after the previous conversation, she admits that her friend, Brian Allan, had told her in April 2005 that her nephew had gone to his house and demanded that he return the TV set. Thus she knew in June 2005 that Brian Allan had the TV set in April 2005. But yet, in June 2005 she denies all knowledge of what happened to the TV set. Notice how she wiggles and embellishes as she denies all knowledge of the whereabouts of the TV set. Notice also the long pauses as she considers and calculates what lie to tell next. If Helen Hermione Pike pauses for an extended period the next words out of her mouth will be lies.

At this point in time her nephew issued court proceedings against her friend, Brian Allan, alleging that he had stolen the TV set. After all, Helen Hermione Pike had denied all knowledge of what happened to the TV set. Thus clearly she was denying giving it to her friend Brian Allan. Everyone has knowledge of their own actions; thus if she says that she does not recall what happened to the TV set, then clearly she is saying that she did not give it to Brian Allan. When she saw that her co-conspirator Brian Allan was being prosecuted for theft, Helen Hermione Pike changed her story yet again. Now she claimed that she gave the TV set to Brian Allan.

Even after Helen Hermione Pike had been caught in these, and many other similar lies, she continued to insist that she should be trusted.
Trust me!
She continued to act with great indignation at any sugestion that she should no longer be trusted. So, the question I would ask of you, the reader, is this: Would you trust Helen Hermione Pike?